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Welcome to Coast Auto Appraisals

Serving the Greater Vancouver area since 2003, President Carey Scarrow has over 25 years experience in all aspects of the automobile industry. We are hired and recognized by numerous Insurance Companies, Automotive Finance Companies, and Law firms throughout North America. We specialize in all Late model, Classic, Custom, Vintage, Motorcycles,and Specialty Automobiles.


Appraisal Services
  • Actual Cash Value Reports
  • Tax Issues or charitable donations
  • Bankruptcy/repossession
  • Divorce/estate settlements
  • Pre-purchase reports before you buy or sell or restore a vehicle
  • Accelerated Depreciation reports
  • Post collision repair inspections
  • Expert Witness testimony
  • Damage estimation reports
  • Collision damage repair monitoring
  • Lease end inspections
  • Hail-Disaster support/estimation
Damage Estimation
We provide automotive damage estimation, total loss reports including vehicle inspection reports to all insurance companies, warranty companies, independent adjusting firms, and collision repair centers. As a certified CAPDA appraiser/ journeyman automotive refinisher, with over twenty years of collision repair experience, we provide competent, accurate appraisals using modern estimation software.

Please send assignments via email to coastauto@shaw.ca, all assignments are attended to within 24 hours.
Accelerated Depreciation Reports
Also known as "Diminished Value". We provide comprehensive reports generated in accordance with Supreme Court Rules 11-2 & 11-6  when your vehicle has sustained damage. There are many factors in determining the amount of depreciation, and whether or not your vehicle is a suitable candidate. Contact me for consultation.

Our reports when possible include my physical examination of the vehicle & repairs to verify it's condition, repair quality and highlight any deficiencies, unsafe /substandard repairs. This will result in quantifying &  obtaining the highest amount of loss your vehicle has sustained which are reports consistently realize. Less than one percent of our files have entered formal litigation, with a 100% success rate  & obtained 100% percent of the claim plus expenses; except one.

Recent case law judgement:






Money Back Guarantee on our Accelerated Depreciation Reports * ask for details *

ICBC PST transfer tax appraisals are completed same day, please utilize our secure link above to submit your vehicle images and information for our use to remotely appraise your vehicle. Once received we can review, generate the Form Fin 320 and have it emailed to you typically within 60 minutes. We have completed hundreds of these and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Please contact us for more information.